Staging Sex: Best Practices, Tools, and Techniques for Theatrical Intimacy

By Chelsea Pace
with contributions from Laura Rikard

stagingsex (1001).cover-first draft.9.jpg

Staging Sex lays out a comprehensive, practical solution for staging intimacy, nudity, and sexual violence. 

This book takes theatre practitioners step-by-step through the best practices, tools, and techniques for effective theatrical intimacy. After an overview of the challenges directors staging theatrical intimacy, Staging Sex offers practical solutions and exercises to practice putting the solutions into practice. The book offers a system for establishing and discussing boundaries and efficient and effective language for staging intimacy and sexual violence. Additionally, Staging Sex addresses production and classroom specific concerns and provides guidance for creating a culture of consent in any company or department. 

This book is for theatre practitioners in academic and professional theatre that encounter theatrical intimacy or instructional touch in rehearsal or the classroom. The target audience for this book is directors, choreographers, movement coaches, stage managers, production managers, and actors at the university and professional level. 

Coming December 2019 from Routledge Publishing