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Workshop Weekends

A two-day intensive, comprehensive workshop that covers the what, why, and how of staging intimacy, nudity, and sexual violence. This workshop is designed to address issues faced by actors, directors, choreographers, stage managers, and theatre folks of all stripes.


We are experienced intimacy choreographers and designers. TIE stages everything from first kisses to scenes of sexual violence. Let us do the hard work for you.
(We also love when you and your students to observe us at work and ask questions about why and how we do the things we do.)



We offer digital and consultations. We can chat with your class via Skype, help you through a sticky choreographing challenge over the phone, or we can talk you through strategies for addressing issues your department is facing. Consultations are fully customizable. 




Looking for choreography, workshops, guest lectures, consultations, and more? Why not bring us out for a residency?



Wanting to implement policy for your company, department, or classroom? TIE has templates for all types of intimacy related paperwork and policy that can be customized to you.


Custom Package

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