NYC Workshop


May 19-20, 2018
Michael Howard Studios
New York CIty

Theatrical Intimacy Education imparts directors, performers, and teaching artists/educators with the knowledge and tools for approaching sensitive material (for stage, film, and television) safely and ethically. In this two-day workshop, participants will learn best practices for discussing and staging intimate content in class, rehearsal, and coaching without sacrificing creative vision and maintaining the joy of the creative process. All participants will be provided with the clear, specific vocabulary necessary to discuss sensitive or sexual content and will learn how to resolve potential moments of conflict in a positive, productive, collaborative manner. Over the course of the weekend, participants will engage in active discussions and exercises on the spectrum of intimacy in a theatrical context, both on and off stage, covering casting through production.

Specific points of coverage include:

·         Establishing acknowledged consent among all participants

·         Setting healthy and ethical boundaries

·         Casting strategies to minimize conflict and discomfort

·         Following union protocols and policies

·         Formulating documentation; creating written policy and procedure

·         Putting the desexualized language of choreography into practice

·         Creating a supportive culture on set, in class, and in rehearsal

·         Navigating difficult moments and establishing a chain of responsibility

Participants should be aware that there are exercises that will ask participants to engage in physical touch with a partner. These exercises are voluntary and participants may choose to work on their own or observe.

No photography, audio recording, or video recording is allowed.

Dress code is movement clothes with closed-toe athletic shoes and no jewelry on hands or wrists.




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