Theatrical Intimacy Education

Founded in 2017 by three theatre educators, Theatrical Intimacy Education is a consulting group specializing in researching, developing, and teaching best practices for staging theatrical intimacy. TIE was founded on the principle that staging theatrical intimacy should be Ethical, Efficient, and Effective.


Theatrical Intimacy Education empowers artists of all stripes with the tools to ethically, efficiently, and effectively stage intimacy, nudity, and sexual violence.

How we work

As educators ourselves, we know your budget is tight and time is precious. With over twenty years of experience, we give you tools that work for you. Our goal isn’t to scare you into thinking that you need a specialist for every touch. We want you to be confident staging Ethical, Efficient, and Effective intimacy in rehearsal and on set.

We also offer choreography services that work for you and your process. Whether your vision is crystal clear or a little fuzzy, we can choreograph something that tells the story you want to tell. You get more than just the moves. Everyone involved in the process, from the actors to stage management, will get theatrical intimacy tools to help them down the road.

For those with small budgets, quick turnaround, or just a few questions, Theatrical Intimacy Education also offers virtual consultations to help you handle intimacy. We love consultations with groups of students who want to learn more about our work and how to get involved.

Wanting to make your theatre, set, production company, or theatre department a safer place to work long-term? We are happy to assist you with policy creation and documentation that works with your practices, budgets, and logistical needs.

It’s always Ethical, Efficient, Effective and unique to you. Check out our Services page or Reach Out to find out how we can help you!


Who We Are


Chelsea Pace

Theatrical Intimacy Educator and Founder

Chelsea is the intimacy recipe writer, customizing the entire progression to your production, giving directors and educators the tools to take the "weird" out of staging sex. 

Laura Rikard

Theatrical Intimacy Educator and Founder

Laura is the in-house expert on classroom exercises and techniques for empowering directors, teachers & students to stage intimacy in a safe, consentual way.

Kate Busselle

Theatrical Intimacy Educator and Founder

Kate is a violence and intimacy scholar who conducts practice-as-research to troubleshoot when, where, and why these scenes go wrong.