“How do I get more training?”

Lots of people are curious about Certification in Intimacy Stuff.
Here’s how our training works, the the path to accreditation, and the path to certification.



TIE offers lots of opportunities for training. We work with universities, theatre companies, ensembles, and groups of interested folks all the time to help them develop their own toolkits for dealing with theatrical intimacy.

The most popular of our training options is what we call a Workshop Weekend. Workshop Weekends are two-day, interactive training experiences that focus on practical tools and useful solutions to the most common intimacy woes.

With practice, the tools introduced in a Workshop Weekend are a great jumping off point for aspiring intimacy choreographers.


Accreditation is the next step for anyone serious about theatrical intimacy. The TIE Accreditation will build and expand on the tools introduced in the Workshop Weekends (so you need to do one of those first).

If you successfully complete all of the modules, you will receive an official Accreditation in Theatrical Intimacy Best Practices and Education.

Accreditation is proof of your time training and developed skills in intimacy work. The Accreditation is currently on hold until after phase one of The EDIII. Want to get on the list for the Accreditation Announcement? Click here


Certification is serious business. It means we think you can do everything that we can do: teach workshops, develop policy, consult, and run the company if we need a vacation.

Only Head Faculty and Associate Faculty are certified with Theatrical Intimacy Education.

Think you have the stuff? Check out our Opportunities page and apply to join the team.