The Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Intimacy Initiative

Theatrical Intimacy Education is proud to announce The Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Intimacy Initiative (EDIII) to address the inequities in theatrical training spaces. 

The EDIII has been developed in consultation and collaboration with Kaja Dunn, Theatrical Intimacy Education Associate Faculty member and Assistant Professor at The University of North Carolina Charlotte, and Brian Eugenio Herrera, Associate Professor of Theater at Princeton University’s Lewis Center for the Arts. 

Theatrical Intimacy Education’s purpose in developing The EDIII is to change who is in the room for conversations about theatrical intimacy, taking an intersectional approach, but centering the racist, colonialist power structures that prop up inequity in our field. Theatrical Intimacy Education aims to teach an anti-racist intimacy pedagogy to ALL artists for a culturally competent, counter traumatic rehearsal space or classroom and to develop long-term partnerships of value to artists and scholars of color. 

To work towards that purpose, Theatrical Intimacy Education is taking four major actions in this first stage of The EDIII

  • The EDIII Summit

Hosted by Princeton University, The EDIII Summit is scheduled for March 2020 and will gather invited scholars to collaborate on a cross-disciplinary, long-term strategy for developing anti-racist intimacy pedagogy.

  • The Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Scholarship

This new scholarship will provide full-tuition scholarships to Theatrical Intimacy Education workshops for artists of color and members of other underrepresented groups.

  • Building Relationships

TIE is committed to relationships with HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities), and theatre training programs and professional Latinx, Asian American, Middle Eastern, Indigenous, and Black Theatres nationwide

  • Trainings

Intimacy Training workshops specifically for self-identified people of color to work and learn in safe, racially conscious spaces.

If you are interested in participating in The EDIII, send a short message to

We will be contacting people about participating in the near future.