Meet Celeste!

Laura, Kate, and I are excited to introduce you all to the TIE research and marketing intern, Celeste! Like the three of us, she's focused on education and has a huge passion for educating others. She's a great addition to our busy team and we hope to help her grow in her own business. 

Celeste Carle was the dramaturge for Lasso of Truth at Arizona State University when I was brought in to stage the intimacy, bondage, and violence in 2016.

She will be working with us on connecting to educators across the country and hopes to be a TIE representative at ASU, where she is a junior. She is completing her degree in the filmmaking practices program, but Celeste is also completing certificates in LGBTQ Studies and Arts Entrepreneurship.

We hope that working with TIE as we grow will support her long term goals of starting a small business that connects artists and entrepreneurs with people who are social media fluent. She’s also helping high schools build and maintain more robust GSAs, which is just plain cool. 

“The stuff I liked talking about, applied to a real life person’s job. Here’s the niche job that I could do”

Welcome to the team, Celeste. We’re so excited to have you with us.