Good Kids: Check out Kate in Fight Master

TW: sexual violence

Kate recently had an article published in the Society of American Fight Directors’ industry magazine, The Fight Master, about her experience as a movement coordinator and violence and intimacy designer on Good Kids. The article, “When the Problem is Personal: Working on Naomi Iisuka’s Good Kids as a Sexual Assault Survivor,” talks through Kate’s process for staging some really challenging moments with undergraduate actors.

The play tackles the Steubenville rape case and this production re-created several of the images from the events of that night on stage. Kate talks through her process for staging those moments and her struggles and strategies for keeping herself emotionally safe. Additionally, the production team worked with the Title IX office and Office of Civil Rights at University of Missouri.

She encourages productions to follow their lead in bringing in experts to empower the team with language and knowledge to keep conversations productive and rehearsals safe.

More knowledge and better language is at the core of what TIE stands for and we are excited for more people to share in the work with us.

To check out Kate’s work, look in the current issue of Fight Master. Not a member of the SAFD? Join here!